Over the past decade our ability to sequence the human genome quickly and cost effectively has led to the discovery of new Parkinson’s genes which has revolutionised the possibilities of new disease-modifying therapies that could slow or stop the progression of the disease.

Only by working together with many families and many people with Parkinson’s can we realistically begin to make more progress with finding new important Parkinson’s genes and understand the processes that are leading to this condition.

the study

The reason we want to study families is to compare closely related people with and without Parkinson's. We all carry a large number of rare genetic variations, across 20,000 genes. The easiest way to pinpoint the variation relevant to Parkinson's is to compare family members. This relies on the participation and support of people with Parkinson's and their relatives.

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get involved

If you developed Parkinson's and it started before the age of 45 and/or you have a family history of Parkinson's then we would like you to consider joining our study. Participating will involve donating a blood sample, providing a medical history and completing some questionnaires. If you have family members who may be prepared to take part we will ask you to pass on study information to them.

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Participants now recruited to the Parkinson's Families Project:


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